The announcement of the Company can be found at the following links:

1. Additional Listing Announcement

2. Annual Audited Account

3. Annual Report

4. Change of Corporate Information

5. Changes in Shareholdings

6. Circular/Notice to Shareholders

7. Entitlements

8. Financial Results

9. General Announcement

10. General Meetings

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance
The detail of documentation can be found at the following links:

Measures Taken to Encourage Shareholders Participation at General Meeting
Board Charter & Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct and Ethics
Audit Committee – Terms of reference
Nomination Committee – Terms of reference
Remuneration Committee – Terms of reference
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Shareholder’s rights Relating to General Meeting
Whistleblowing Policy
Internal Audit Charter
Woodlandor Group’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Investor Relations Contact
Dato’ Teh Boon Sing
Non-Executive Director
Tel : 03-8723 2233
Fax : 03-8723 2211
Email : [email protected]