The announcement of the Company can be found at the following links:

1. Additional Listing Announcement / Subdivision of Shares,ALCO

2. Annual Audited Account,AACO

3. Annual Report,ARCO

4. Change of Corporate Information,COCI

5. Changes in Shareholdings,CHSH

6. Circular/Notice to Shareholders,CSCO

7. Delisting of Securities

8. Entitlements,ENCO

9. Expiry / Maturity / Termination of Securities,EMCO

10. Financial Results,FRCO

11. General Announcement,GACO

12. General Meetings,MECO

13. Important Relevant Dates for Renounceable Rights

14. Investor Alert,IACO

15. Listing Circulars,LCCO

16. Listing Information and Profile,LICO

17. Reply to Query,RQCO

18. Shares Buy Back,SBBA

19. Take-over Offer

20. Transfer of Listing,TRFL

21. Unusual Market Activity,UMCO

22. Dealings in Listed Securities

Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance
The detail of documentation can be found at the following links:

AGM Minutes (25th AGM)
AGM Minutes (26th AGM)
AGM Minutes (27th AGM)
Measures Taken to Encourage Shareholders Participation at General Meeting
Board Charter & Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct and Ethics
Audit Committee – Terms of reference
Nomination Committee – Terms of reference
Remuneration Committee – Terms of reference
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Shareholder’s rights Relating to General Meeting
Whistleblowing Policy
Internal Audit Charter
Woodlandor Group’s Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
Directors’ Fit and Proper Policy

Investor Relations Contact
Dato’ Teh Boon Sing
Non-Executive Director
Tel : 03-8723 2233
Fax : 03-8723 2211
Email : [email protected]