Incorporated in the eighties as a private-limited Company, WOODLANDOR has been principally involved in manufacturing wood-based products, serving the building and construction industry.

WOODLANDOR Group has been marketing a wide range of wood based products to suit various needs and requirements, from timber fire-resistant door sets to prefabricated timber roof truss to D.I.Y. furniture, of both Malaysia and export markets.

Its Group of Companies experienced tremendous growth and success in the nineties and was subsequently listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad) on the 28th October 1997, giving birth to WOODLANDOR Holdings Berhad [Registration No. 199601004347 (376693-D)].

Woodlandor Group provides a wide range of products through its subsidiaries, including :

Woodlandor Wood Products Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 198301013141 (108535-A)], a leading manufacturer of various types of fire resistant doors. Such fire resistant doors are manufactured to conform to Malaysian standards compiled by SIRIM as required by Bomba (Fire Sevices Bureau) and the market.

Multec Enterprise Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 198301013438 (108832-H)], the marketing arm of the WWP which offers a comprehensive range of fire resistant and non-fire resistant doors, frames, locksets and architecture hardware for doors to suit the needs of any commercial or residential buildings. This has created for its customers a kind of “One Stop Shop” which is unmatched by any of its competitors. That is why Multec Fire Resistant doors are used in a long list of prestigious and important buildings in the country.

The CKD furniture division of WWP produces fine quality knockdown furniture and Futon Frames for the export markets. With our strong product engineering and development, excellent finishing and highly flexible production facilities, we are able to penetrate into a number of countries such as U.S.A., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Finland, Middle East, China, Morocco & The Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union).

To give added service and convenience to its established list of customers, The WWP’s another subsidiary,Woodlandor Buildmat Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 199601026571 (398923-A)], supplies certain range of building materials at competitive prices. Building materials of this range include steel bars and cement, for which WB is an authorized dealer.

WOODLANDOR Roof Systems Sdn Bhd [Registration No. 199001011765 (203335-V)] (WRS) is a specialist and innovator in the field of prefabricated timber roof truss systems, ever since our origin in the nineties when we began manufacturing timber roof truss for the supply to the local construction industry. WRS is an accredited Mitek Gang-Nail fabricator and the design and manufacturing of our trusses comply with approved standards.

WRS has established strategic partnerships with world renowned international companies for further development and innovation. Through such associations, we offer the industry the first LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) formulation in addition to the traditional CCA formulation for timber treatment. Using new state of art treatment technology, the catalyst for our new ProTRUSS range, our timber roof truss systems have been given new brand names, which are ProTRUSS and SafTRUSS.

Today, WOODLANDOR continues to grow through many activities of its subsidiaries with diverse investments in manufacturing of wood-based products. Our hopes and aspiration for the future are to extend our boundaries and take on new challenges where we explore other business opportunities that will provide platform for further growth and compounded profitability.